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Additional Services

Additional services offered by Your Translation Company:

  • verification and proof reading of texts
  • DTP
  • transcription
  • voice-over recording
  • language courses
  • conference services



The verification of a text involves the checking of whether or not the translated text has the same meaning as the original text and verifying that it contains the correct terminology. Proof reading involves the checking of the linguistic correctness (lexis, grammar, spelling, punctuation). Proof reading performed by a native speaker is particularly recommended in case of texts intended for publication. It guarantees that the final text will be accurate down to the tiniest detail.


Because translation is often only one of the stages of the process of preparing a publication, we also offer our expertise in the area of graphic processing and pre-press preparation. You do not have to use the services of several different companies, rather you can also take care of DTP while ordering your translation at our company, saving you time and money. This can be particularly useful in cases of materials such as instruction manuals, technical drawings, diagrams, brochures, catalogues, or advertising and promotional texts, which require typesetting and text makeup, so that the final text would be ready for publication on paper or in an electronic format, with all the complex graphic elements, graphs, tables. Thanks to graphic processing, for a small fee you can receive your translation also in a version with the original layout, when you have provided a text only in a non-editable file format.


Transcription refers to the conversion of speech (from an audio or audio-video recording) to text. We offer transcriptions of recordings in any foreign language or in Polish.


We also offer voice-over recording for any kind of purpose (e.g. audio guides, commercials, films, presentations, games, hotlines, etc.) in any language prepared in a professional recording studio by professional readers. We have access to the best voice banks in Poland.


Our company also provides language courses for companies. We have highly-qualified language teachers with long-term experience in the teaching of professionals from various fields. We offer general and specialist language courses, including business language courses, for groups of lower-level staff or individual classes for executives.


Apart from providing interpreters, equipment for simultaneous interpreting and other equipment necessary during conferences as well as the assistance of technicians, we also offer a comprehensive conference organisation service.
We offer support in all areas of conference preparation including:

  • the booking of conference rooms and the organising of accommodation for participants
  • the design, translation and printing of conference materials, leaflets, folders, invitations, training materials, conference website design
  • catering
  • hostesses
  • transportation of participants
  • audio-video recording
  • photography services

and any other help and advice required during the preparation of the event.

If you are organising a conference, just ask us for a quote. You will find all that you need here with us.



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