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The quality of our service is confirmed by the many letters of recommendation we have received from our satisfied clients. Below are some selected extracts from these letters:


"All translations ordered by our company were always provided on time and were invariably done with great precision. […] Language Link Translation Company represents the highest level of competence. They work with very professional translators who boast broad experience. The services performed by the company are delivered properly and punctually. The friendly attitude of the office staff, the kindness and tact they show in every situation are also worth mentioning."

Electrolux Poland Sp. z o.o.


"Based on our dealings with the company, we can judge that this Company copes well with the needs of our corporation, which requires dedication if one considers our size and short deadlines. [...] We highly rate the quality of the delivered translations and the qualifications of the Language Link translators. It is also important to us that our requirements as to deadlines are always met, even if they are extremely short and the texts are lengthy. We will also emphasise the flexibility of the Company and their readiness to adjust the service to the client’s needs and specification of the texts. For the above reasons, we can recommend Language Link Translation Company as a highly qualified and responsible partner in translation."

FoodCare Sp. z o.o.


"Krakowski Kredens Tradycja Galicyjska S.A. is pleased to report that it is satisfied with the services of the Language Link Translation Company and has chosen this company to be a regular provider of translation services. The Language Link Translation Company is a real specialist in its field and exhibits a professional attitude towards the performed tasks. We report with satisfaction that all of our orders […] are completed in a reliable, timely, and professional manner. Great communication during the delivery of orders, flexibility in our dealings with them and strong focus on our needs must also be stressed. It must be also emphasised that our translations were ordered and all details of our cooperation were arranged quickly and without problems. We can therefore recommend Language Link Translation Company as a solid business partner for a long-term cooperation."

Krakowski Kredens Tradycja Galicyjska S.A.


"… Language Link Translation Company has experienced and well qualified staff. Translations are done within the set deadlines, often in a very short time. It is also worth noting that the customer service is professional and friendly, as a result of which the whole process of placing orders and realising services proceeds smoothly and without problems. We are pleased to confirm that we are satisfied with the services of Language Link and we have chosen this company to be a regular provider of translation services for us."

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (Sp. z o.o.) – Branch in Poland


"We hereby certify that the Language Link Translation Company is our partner in translation. Having repeatedly used the services of this company, we have had opportunities to judge that they have delivered our orders reliably and professionally. Language Link distinguishes itself by competence, availability, and punctuality. Our company is fully satisfied with the cooperation with Language Link Translation Company and considers it as a company worth recommending."

Sobiesław Zasada S.A.


"The Language Link Translation Company provided a comprehensive interpreting service during the session of the Polish-German Joint Committee concerning international carriage of goods by road. The Language Link Translation Company showed great professionalism and reliability in performing its tasks and proved itself as a partner that guarantees a high level of the performed services."

Ministry of Infrastructure


"The Language Link Translation Company based in Kraków provided comprehensive interpreting services […] for the Silver Academy Network project. The company completed the ordered tasks fully, honestly, professionally and it met our expectations. We would like to thank you for providing vetted and qualified interpreters. The interpreter proved to be highly qualified and, additionally, a very agreeable one, thanks to which the meetings proceeded in a very nice atmosphere."

Cracow University of Economics


"The translations performed for us mainly involved technical translations. This company has already translated about a thousand pages of various texts for us. The terminology used as well as the stylistic correctness show that they are real professionals. We have cooperated with other translation agencies before but only Language Link has fully met our expectations. Their competitive prices along with the high quality of translations and graphical processing of texts, punctuality and efficient organisation allow us to say that the Language Link Translation Company is a customer-friendly company worth recommending."

Dematec Polska Sp. z o.o.


"We would like to recommend Language Link Translation Company, which is based in Kraków, as a regular user of their services. The translations provided by this company are of a high standard and quality, including when it comes to legal terminology. Our orders are always processed on time and with care, observing such important ethical principles as discretion and loyalty. It has been a real pleasure to cooperate with such a Partner."

Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Baurska, Senkowska, Szczęsna i Partnerzy


"On the basis of our previous contacts, we judge the Language Link Translation Company to have experienced and highly qualified staff. Considering the specific activity of our company, our orders are not easy and require considerable technical expertise. So far, we have had no reason to complain, which confirms our conviction that Language Link is a company worth recommending. Such service is expected from professional translators."

Biolanic Sp. z o.o.


"Leader Service International Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. recommends Language Link Translation Company, which meets our requirements concerning the quality of translations and the standards of business services. […] We are pleased to confirm that the Language Link Translation Company demonstrates great care towards clients and the delivery of projects. Texts are translated by people who are real specialists in their fields, which gives a guarantee when using specialised terminology of coming up with the correct translation."

Leader Service International Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.


"As a result of our operations, we often need very good translations intended for publication on websites, in video recordings, and other marketing and promotional materials. This is why perfect translation is extremely important to us. We can recommend the Language Link Translation Company as a reliable, honest, and friendly business partner."

Eura7 Sp. z o.o.


"We are glad to certify that the Language Link Translation Company from Kraków has provided translation services for important international projects coordinated by the Complex of Landscape Parks of the Małopolska Province for the second year in a row. […] Additionally, the Language Link Translation Company provided linguistic (simultaneous interpreting […]) and technical services (essential equipment for simultaneous interpreting – booths and receivers […] for the conference we organised […] the Translators’ pleasant demeanour, proficiency and competence were highly praised by our staff as well as by the conference participants. When it comes to the technical aspects, the service was professional and compliant with the highest quality standards. It should be emphasised that contact with office staff was very good throughout the whole period of cooperation and all our concerns and requests were quickly addressed."

Zespół Parków Krajobrazowych Województwa Małopolskiego


"We are satisfied with the high quality of the performed translation services and their prices. Timely performance of services as well as a readiness to accept orders requiring express realisation are additional assets of Language Link. We also appreciate professional and friendly customer service. Based on our previous experience, we recommend the Language Link Translation Company as a reliable and dependable partner."

Małopolski Instytut Kultury


"Our cooperation is going very well. We are fully satisfied with the level of translations delivered by this agency as well as with the quality of their service. In spite of strong competition on the market for translation services, Language Link is surely a trustworthy partner worth recommending. It ensures a professional team of experienced translators, flexible conditions of order delivery and a very nice atmosphere."

Makroterm sp. j.


"The Language Link Translation Company based in Kraków is the company we have chosen to cooperate with on the comprehensive translation of the Polish edition of PRESTIŻ Magazine who is who? into English. Perfect translation of journalistic texts is a fundamental condition for the credibility of a magazine. But not only this. A foreign language edition requires not only a faithful translation of an original text but also the proper transmission of the ‘spirit’ of the literary language, as intended by the authors of the texts. Language Link perfectly executes these tasks. That is why, we recommend the services of this company, which acts in accordance with the ethos of the profession. We would like to emphasise that Language Link meets all the standards of a modern company of professionalism, reliability, timeliness, and responsibility."

Press Art Promotion, Editor and Publisher of “Prestige Magazine”


"The texts translated by this company are of a very high quality. We always receive them on time. The agreed procedures of ordering and settling payments are effective and clear, which allows us to save time. We are pleased to inform you that we are very satisfied with the choice we made when we decided to cooperate with the Language Link Translation Company."

HLB M2 Audyt Sp. z o.o.


"A prompt and timely delivery of services as well as stylistic and content-related correctness of translations are virtues worth appreciating and recommending. This is the service quality one expects from professionals. The advantage of working with Language Link Translation Company is the fact that both the deadline and the manner of sending translations are established individually. It guarantees a fast response to our orders. Thanks to their relatively low prices for the quality of services and communication on a high level, the staff of Language Link have created the ideal conditions for exemplary cooperation."

Grupa Doradczo-Szkoleniowa Transmisja



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