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Your Translation Company offers comprehensive linguistic services for conferences, congresses, symposiums, training courses, workshops, business meetings, trade fairs and many other events. 

In both business and private events, an interpreter can play a decisive role. Being aware of the importance of thorough and error-free interpretation, we can supply you with interpreters precisely selected for the needs of a given event, who not only have a fluent command of the language, but also expertise, huge experience not to mention good diction, impeccable manners, excellent interpersonal skills, great concentration, a sharp memory and an ability to work under stress.

Depending on the character of an event, we offer the following types of interpreting services:

Booth simultaneous interpreting

This is the most common type of interpreting used during multilingual conferences, congresses, debates, etc. for an international audience. It requires the use of specialist equipment. Interpretation is performed in real time by a pair of interpreters working in a soundproof booth. Interpreters listen to the speaker via headphones and simultaneously interpret by speaking into a microphone. The Interpretation is then relayed to the audience via their headsets.

Booth interpreting is recognised as the most difficult and demanding type of interpreting; this is why it is performed only by the best specialists.

When to choose booth simultaneous interpreting? When you are organising a prestigious multilingual conference or an event for a wide group of participants. 

Consecutive interpreting

This kind of interpreting is used for press conferences, training courses, business negotiations, presentations, workshops, etc. It does not require specialist equipment. Interpretation is performed during the breaks in a speaker’s utterances, usually after several sentences. When the breaks in a speech are longer and an interpreter has to remember a lot of information, he or she makes notes, which help him or her to reconstruct the meaning. Such interpretation is shorter than the original statement – it is a summary of the key issues, rather than a reconstruction of all the details. As such, it requires a strong memory and the ability to synthesise information as well as knowledge of special note-taking techniques.        

When should you choose consecutive interpreting? When you are organising training courses, business talks or press conferences.

Whispered simultaneous interpreting

This kind of interpreting works best in a situation where a small group of people are participating in an event conducted in a foreign language. It does not require specialist equipment, but it should not be performed for more than three people. Interpretation is performed simultaneously; an interpreter whispers the translation to listeners’ ears. 

When should you choose whispered simultaneous interpreting? When you are participating in a conference or a meeting conducted in a foreign language.

Interpretation by sworn translators

It is a form of consecutive interpreting performed by sworn translators who have a licence granted to them by the Minister of Justice. This type of interpreting is usually used when signing authenticated deeds by people who don’t know the official language of a given country and also during official meetings of company bodies with the participation of people who do not know the language in which a meeting is being held as well as during court hearings and in official institutions when settling formalities for foreigners. In case of this type of interpretation, the role of an interpreter lies not only in interpreting but also in certifying the content of documents signed during a given meeting or trial with a signature and a stamp. 

When should you choose interpretation by sworn translators? When you need a translator for official activities, in court, during a general meeting of shareholders or at a notary’s office.


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